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"Those who chased big dreams: While losing their inner peace, Were left with broken piece. Those who chased for inner peace While dreaming big, Were given the universe!"
- Smitha Kulkarni

About Smitha

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Smitha Kulkarni is a Fiction-Writer, Author, Poetess, Fitness Enthusiast and Mental Health Promoter. 

She is a warrior who believes that her words have the ability to inspire the lives of millions. She is an engineer who writes to engineer and uplift her readers. 

Smitha’s work touches on love, optimism, healing, pursuing one’s dreams and leading a good life. She has figured out how to stay young at heart and enjoy motherhood while pursuing her dreams. 

Her Upcoming Novel

Smitha’s first novel (which she is still working on) deals with chasing dreams, following one’s passion, dealing with depression, friendship, humor, suspense, love, and serving society. The book is going to be a romantic inspirational fiction novel. It contains all of the elements necessary to hold the reader’s attention until the very last page.

This book is intended for a broad audience because everyone was once an innocent child, a compelled student, a lover, a friend, and a dreamer.

Talk to Heal

Smitha’s Talk to Heal provides a safe space for us to share our emotions, uneasiness, feelings, difficult times, and anything else that keeps us from remaining positive and hopeful about life. These sessions are for someone who is going through a difficult phase of life, facing relationship issues, parental pressures, parenting, heartbreak and feeling lonely, feeling lost, feeling confused, or simply wanting to be motivated to improve the quality of their already beautiful life.

Smitha is not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or another medical professional. She is a friend and a mentor who uses life lessons and practical methods to help and support you during the sessions.

Book a session with her to take the first step towards finding solutions to your problems.

Interesting Facts

In her spare time, Smitha enjoys dancing, cycling, running, and watching movies. She considers fitness to be the first step toward self-help. She is an adventure seeker, with skydiving being her favorite activity. Sky gazing is her all-time favorite activity. Her social media family is growing organically as a result of her readers’ love and support for her writings.


How do you Look, Young? What's the secret behind it?

Reasons: Happy Heart, Strong Soul, and Crazy Mind.

But honestly, body will age sooner or later but I’m wishing that it ages gracefully.