"Those who chased big dreams: While losing their inner peace, Were left with broken piece. Those who chased for inner peace While dreaming big, Were given the universe!"

"Heart is a precious gemstone - Unique, radiant & strong Don't spend it on unworthy who thinks it is a fragile piece of glass Invest on the chisels who carve it."

One day You'll sail back here to spot me I'll be the same steady stone Controlling the flow of water While you were getting carried away Like a fancy paper boat

Some losses in life light a fire under our spirits. However, those ashes must become a storm & incarnate your soul into a more powerful form, greater than ever before.

You mentioned that you have a broken heart. But I felt a piece of sun in your soul, prepared to rise and spread light. I saw a piece of sky in your eyes, and thousands of dreams filled it liked clouds.

"Heart is strong & the first organ to develop in a fetus, don't say it is broken. A weak frame in your mind is still struggling to hold the collage of those undesired memories, break the frame.