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At some point in their lives, everyone encounters difficulties in their relationships or in their lives as a whole. Difficult times in life are unavoidable. No one can claim to be problem-free in this world. The best thing we can do is talk to and seek advice from someone who does not judge us or our circumstances. Talking and sharing our thoughts and emotions is the first proven step toward healing. All we need is someone with an open heart and an ear to listen. Knowing how and what to say to someone in a difficult situation is a skill.

Smitha’s Talk to Heal provides a safe space for us to share our emotions, uneasiness, feelings, difficult times, and anything else that keeps us from remaining positive and hopeful about life. These sessions are for someone who is going through a difficult phase of life, facing relationship issues, parental pressures, parenting, heartbreak and feeling lonely, feeling lost, feeling confused, or simply wanting to be motivated to improve the quality of their already beautiful life.

Smitha has been talking with people in her circle and on social media in order to help them in overcoming their difficulties. She has evolved as a loving, confident, understanding, and dependable person as a result of being a wellness promoter, raising two children, working in the corporate world, and living within a joint family.

Smitha is not a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or another medical professional. She is a friend and a mentor who uses life lessons and practical methods to help and support you during the sessions.

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Session Categorization

Welcome to Smitha’s Talk to Heal sessions. Please book one or more healing sessions below, based on your specific needs. You will receive an automated email confirmation once you have booked a slot.

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Note – There are no couple or group sessions, and all sessions are one-to-one.

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