The Secret Escape to a New Life

The universe has a beautiful plan and a purpose for each of us. However, not all of us are successful in discovering that plan. 

Such is the story of Samay, a small-town boy caught up in the rat race with a depressing past. As a result of societal and parental expectations, he loses his zest for life. He travels to a secret location once a month to live the life he had imagined. Nobody knew where he went or what he did. 

Khushi is a music lover who has lost everything in life except hope. She appears to have deciphered the code to happiness and is thrilled about life and its purpose. Why is her smile so innocent? 

For witty Ranjit, life is all about being humorous, cheerful, lovable, and helpful. He believes that laughter is the magic solution to all human problems. What makes him so content with life? 

When their paths cross, a series of events occur that persuade Samay to find out the reason for his existence. Is the path to purpose difficult? What is the role of passion? Are love and purpose two sides of the same coin? 

The Secret Escape to a New Life is a modest attempt to answer the questions raised above. It’s a heart-warming, inspiring, and soul-healing story.