What will her debut novel be about?

Smitha’s first novel (which she is still working on) deals with chasing dreams, following one’s passion, dealing with depression, friendship, humor, suspense, love, and serving society. The book is going to be a romantic inspirational fiction novel. It contains all of the elements necessary to hold the reader’s attention until the very last page.

This book is intended for a broad audience because everyone was once an innocent child, a compelled student, a lover, a friend, and a dreamer.

To say it’s the story of a small-town boy, Samay Raghuveer Pant, who becomes an engineer and enters the corporate world to please his culture, which includes his parents; but it’s also the story of millions of people who feel strangled and keep saying, “I want to do this in my life,” “I wish I had been this,” “I wish I had achieved it,” and so on.