During a Pandemic, a Message to Teenagers

Young minds are rowing towards an unknown destination, with newly formed dreams in their heads and
growing confusion about how to cope with the new way of life.

Most neurologists believe that the brain develops until the mid-twenties. It is essential that they receive better mentoring and an environment at this age in order to develop into happy and responsible citizens. Peer pressure, digital platforms, and parental pressure limit their ability to open their minds and look at life from all angles. Because of travel and meeting people restrictions, their constructive energies are trapped, and most of them don’t know where or how to channelize their time and energy.

Loneliness, confusion, insecurity, ignorance, and lack of confidence are all on the rise among teenagers. While there is no way of knowing when the pandemic will end or what life will be like in the next five years, we will need to focus on supporting the emotional health of young minds so that they can be better leaders, architects, designers, artists, and so on, but most importantly, better and more sorted humans.

In this blog, I propose a 5 Ps logic that works wonders in shaping adolescent minds and can be of help to
everyone in general. The five Ps are the past, procrastination, purpose, patience, and passion.

1. Past – What you were is not the most important factor in determining who you will become. There is
always room for improvement. So, don’t dwell too much on your past, whether it’s of failure or success.
In these trying times, you must work smartly and cultivate a better version of yourself. You must
overcome all of your regrets and challenges, such as low grades, an unhappy family, a lack of pocket
money, a relationship problem, a lack of confidence, and so on.

2. Procrastination– If you are postponing work then stop it. Gradually learn to just do things if you are confident that they will serve as a foundation for your progress.

3. Purpose – Your development should be focused on more than just getting a job. Nobody wants just a knowledgeable person; they want someone who is hungry for knowledge and ready to scale up. You need to build your own unique selling point. Right from student life try to hack the code for long-term sustainability in the area of your choice rather than for a short term gain.

4. Patience – Patience is required to see some positive outcomes. When you plant a seed, you must
water and nourish it so that it can develop into a sapling and then into a tree. Apply your efforts in the
right direction, but don’t be extremely worried about the outcome.

5. Passion – Do not put your passion on the verge of giving up. When you are overburdened with work,
your hobbies are the one thing that will keep you going and rejuvenate you.

If you use these early life years of your life wisely, you will achieve incredible and unimaginable success
and happiness. Help your mind to be free of the current chaos by writing down your vision and working towards it. Best wishes!